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Phone: (07) 929 4471

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Life has been busy in the Carricks office.  We continue to get a good healthy stream of inquiry to review existing insurances or inquiring about new.  We also enjoy assisting our clients with their daily queries and helping out as necessary at claim time.
Remember at Carricks we offer a wide range of services including;

  • Life and Living Insurances
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Investments and Retirement Planning Including Kiwisaver
  • Health Insurance
  • House, Contents & Vehicle Insurances
  • Commercial/Business Insurance
  • Rural Insurance

Paul and Sally welcomed their first grandchild Charlie Paul Willetts into the world on 23rd June and are reveling in the magic of being grandparents & interacting with him on an almost daily basis. [Don't you just love the second name!]  He is growing fast and continues to delight all that cross his path.

Have you forgotten to contact us?

We have so many clients who move or change their email address or phone number and whom we struggle to find. If you have moved recently or changed any of your contact details we really need to know!  Even if you are unsure of whether your details are up to date or not please contact us here to let us know.

Sally's Corner

Sally's Corner

New AMP Tradie Pack

This product was recently launched by AMP and is ideal for small to medium sized trades businesses. Please click here to read more about this product. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this cost effective tailored product and if your business is eligible.

We are still reminding our client's to double check the sums insured on their homes as well as contents.  As much as we like to be thinking positively, within our business insurance is all about the worst case scenario which means thought needs to be given to experiencing a "total loss" rather than a partial loss on your house and contents.  Imagine for a moment a fire that destroys both your house and all of your belongings.  Take 10 minutes to check the sum insured replacement value on your home on the online Cordell Calculator and download a home contents checklist to check you have enough cover on your stuff! Remember to let us know if you need any help with this or we need to make any changes.

Paul's Corner

I had the privilege of attending the Australian AMP Advisers Association Conference in Port Douglas in September. The issues faced by Australians are running parallel to New Zealand in regards to changing legislation, advisers up-skilling and keeping the customer as front of mind. In NZ this is being played out in a similar vein - there is focus on replacement life insurances where advisers are moving your insurance on a regular basis which could potentially leave customers exposed and at risk of not having a claim paid through non disclosure.  We continually have our customers surprised at what they need to tell the insurer and so I am going to make a video to help. Watch out for this over the next few weeks.

Our youngest son left school last week and embarked on his first independent steps - first job, first time living away from home, first real wage, first taste of financial freedom and what it has to offer. I got to thinking about what is in store for him moving forward, not just in the immediate future but looking further out than that.  We had some serious discussions around  Kiwisaver, contents insurance, retirement savings as well as savings for the other biggies in life like that newer vehicle he may need soon, life insurance and the trip to Canada in 18 months time.  We are lucky in that this information is at our fingertips to offer our own children - but there are many young adults out there who aren't automatically exposed to this information - and need to be.

I am passionate about educating our young people to become more financially aware, achieving their life  goals and to help to take the stress out of the early years as a young adult. Even better as a parent, if it is your young adult it means that you can be involved as well!

I would love to hear from you here to set up a time to discuss these important issues with you and your young adult. I would welcome your feedback on the idea of running a small group seminar where you can bring your young adult children and we cover off some of the above areas.

Enjoy spring, roll on summer and make the most of your friends and family.

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