Phone: (07) 929 4471
Phone: (07) 929 4471

ACC Update & helpful info

BIC Codes

Do you have the correct BIC Code? A BIC code (Business Industry Classification Code) is used by ACC to assist them with preparing a business’s ACC levies.  To ensure you are on the correct code, search the BIC website.  Click here

ACC are able to backdate incorrect codes up to 4 years if found to be inaccurate.

Have you been in business for less than three years and considering CPX (Cover plus Extra)?

You can use the replacement labour costs as a guide to how much ACC cover you may want and the new 2016/2017 guide is available here Click here

Some useful trivia stats…..

Top 5 injury sites for sheep and cattle farmers:

Ears, lower back/spine, knees, shoulders, fingers/thumbs.

The total number of days lost to injury in 2014 was 94,548, with 11,650 claims lodged resulting in a total cost to ACC of $19.4m.

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