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Phone: (07) 929 4471


ACC Update & helpful info

BIC Codes

Do you have the correct BIC Code? A BIC code (Business Industry Classification Code) is used by ACC to assist them with preparing a business’s ACC levies.  To ensure you are on the correct code, search the BIC website.  Click here

ACC are able to backdate incorrect codes up to 4 years if found to be inaccurate.


Random conversation and insurance at work pays off for our client

Recently we had a client meet with Sally as part of our service regime. The client happened to mention that he had an operation a while ago and had returned back to work and really this was no big deal in his eyes.

On coming back to the office Sally suggested that I give them a call and get some more information.


Tomorrow’s plan your family will thank you for ….

When it comes to money, many of us like to have things that are useful and valuable; a nice car to get around in, a home in a good street, a large TV to watch the game on or the latest smartphone and tablet… the list goes on.

We also see the value in protecting these things.


Transferring your Aussie Super to KiwiSaver

An amendment has been made to Australian legislation regarding the transfer of funds from an Australian complying superannuation fund to a KiwiSaver scheme in New Zealand.

The amendment allows Australian providers to accept a New Zealand statutory declaration as proof of permanent emigration, whereas previously the requirements stated that an Australian statutory declaration was required. This change will make it a lot easier for you if you are wanting to Transfer to Kiwisaver.