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Phone: (07) 929 4471


Media Release: Former financial adviser pleads guilty to four charges under Crimes Act

When your insurance adviser is “just too helpful”
The FMA has taken action against an adviser that among other things; completed some client forms and omitted relevant health details, this could have been catastrophic for the client if a claim was not honoured because of “Non Disclosure”through no fault of the customer. And its even worse if the adviser is replacing insurance you already have that is doing the job.


News release – Updated weights for Trade-Weighted Index

The annual re-weighting of the Trade-Weighted Index (TWI) takes effect on Wednesday 16 November 2016.

The TWI is a measure of the value of the New Zealand dollar relative to the currencies of New Zealand’s major trading partners. There are 17 currencies included in the TWI and each currency is weighted using the country’s bilateral trade with New Zealand.


ACC Update & helpful info

BIC Codes

Do you have the correct BIC Code? A BIC code (Business Industry Classification Code) is used by ACC to assist them with preparing a business’s ACC levies.  To ensure you are on the correct code, search the BIC website.  Click here

ACC are able to backdate incorrect codes up to 4 years if found to be inaccurate.


Random conversation and insurance at work pays off for our client

Recently we had a client meet with Sally as part of our service regime. The client happened to mention that he had an operation a while ago and had returned back to work and really this was no big deal in his eyes.

On coming back to the office Sally suggested that I give them a call and get some more information.

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