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Current Volatility in Global Equity Markets

In light of the media commentary around the World economies & share markets, I feel it would be useful for you to read this brief overview from AMP Capital.  Our view is ‘don’t panic’ and stick to your plan.

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“When it comes to social media often you’ll get wacky advice”

The digital age has changed how people obtain information when making financial decisions, but personal advice is still important when getting the best outcome for you.

For more on this, Paul Henry was joined this morning by AMP advice and sales director Blair Vernon.

“Often it’s wacky advice. The internet is a great information source and comparative stuff.


The importance of having a “Will”

Mortality isn’t something many of us like to consider too often at any stage of our lives.

But regardless of how old you are, having your personal affairs and plans in place in case the worst-case scenario strikes as just a smart idea.

So why is a will so important?

AMP advice and sales director Blair Vernon joined Paul Henry to tell him why.


FMA warns public to be wary …..

FMA warns public to be wary of misleading advertising promoting “risk-free, money-back investments”

Media Release
MR No. 2015 – 05
27 February 2015

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is warning people to beware of a company offering a risk-free, high-return investment programme.

The company trades as Eco Investments Group and the FMA warns anyone dealing with them to exercise extreme caution before obtaining any financial services, or acquiring any financial products.


Safe driving tips for Summer 2014

We wish you safe driving this holiday season…

We would like to wish you and your family season’s greetings and a happy New Year. We’d also like you to stay safe on the roads this summer, so before you even leave the garage please take a minute to think safe so you can plan to stay safe.


Transferring your Aussie Super to KiwiSaver

An amendment has been made to Australian legislation regarding the transfer of funds from an Australian complying superannuation fund to a KiwiSaver scheme in New Zealand.

The amendment allows Australian providers to accept a New Zealand statutory declaration as proof of permanent emigration, whereas previously the requirements stated that an Australian statutory declaration was required. This change will make it a lot easier for you if you are wanting to Transfer to Kiwisaver. 

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