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Carricks Spring Newsletter 2014

To feel more sun on your face
To stop and smell the spring flowers
To enjoy the days getting longer
To hear the birds earlier in the mornings.

The good news is that spring has finally made it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that sorting out your insurances was as easy as coffee with friends?


Kiwisaver – A Retirement or Political Tool?

Kiwisaver: A Retirement or Political Tool?

New Zealand Governments have used retirement as a political football for many years and probably one of the most commented on occasions is the Muldoon era.

The trend continues with The Labour Party this week launched its monetary policy tool that includes Kiwisaver as a way to keep interest rates and the NZ dollar low.


Protect your tertiary kids with your insurance

Make sure that your kids tertiary insurance needs are met. Did you know that your AMPG contents policy can also cover your children living in tertiary accommodation?
Call us today to discuss life insurance, kiwi saver, contents and vehicle insurances for your teenagers!

We can help you protect your kids from an incident like this in October 2013:

Car park thefts ‘heartache’ for Wintec students

A band of drunken thieves inflicted damage, stress and heartache on students in the midst of year-end tests and all they had to say for themselves was ”she’s right bro”.


Health insurance or a long waiting list

Scary statistics! Check in with us regarding Health Insurance so you don’t become one of these 280,000 people wishing they were feeling well!

About 280,000 New Zealanders are waiting for elective surgery, and more than half are not on waiting lists, new research shows.

The report by TNS for the Health Funds Association (HFA) and the Private Surgical Hospitals Association (NZPSHA) showed those who were on waiting lists had been waiting an average of 224 days.

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