Phone: (07) 929 4471
Phone: (07) 929 4471

Mortgages and Lending

Mortgages and Lending

We are delighted to announce that we are working alongside Pete Norris from Keystone Advice in the lending field.

Carricks recognise that getting a home loan can be daunting and thats why we feel our role is to help you have more certainty and be well prepared to get a 'yes' when you go to your lender and ask for money.

We can give you ideas around loan structures, repaying loans & money management, including arming yourself with some questions to ask you lender.

Pete has a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience in the investment and lending fields.

Pete will take care of your needs in these areas and then refer you back to us to follow on with related insurance needs that you may have.

We are sure you will enjoy working with Pete as much as we do.

For futher information or to contact Pete click here.

Case study:

One of our recent clients purchased their first home using their two KiwiSaver investments, along with their savings, and applied for a Housing NZ Subsidy. We not only helped with the mortgage, but facilitated the paperwork and management of the various deposits coming from different sources, making the process easier for the client.

We then completed some mortgage protection insurance to make sure that their mortgage payments could be made if they were sick or injured. Our happy clients now have their first home, their insurance is sorted, and KiwiSaver still ticking along for their retirement in 35 years time. They have manageable weekly rates that are tailored for them. What could be better?