Phone: (07) 929 4471
Phone: (07) 929 4471

Random conversation and insurance at work pays off for our client

Recently we had a client meet with Sally as part of our service regime. The client happened to mention that he had an operation a while ago and had returned back to work and really this was no big deal in his eyes.

On coming back to the office Sally suggested that I give them a call and get some more information. After having a chat I asked them to send some medical information to us which we passed on to the insurer to see if there was any potential claim.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with these clients to ask them to sign a claim form. It was requested that they provide their bank account number so that a nice chunk of money could be paid into their account. (And they can expect this in the next few days.)

To say our clients are very pleased with what we have done is an understatement. We are also pleased that we were aware enough to pick up on this and do the work to progress this through to a favourable claim result.

This is a great story about insurance at work and also us as advisers working for you and with the insurer to create great outcomes.

If you have something happen and you wonder if it is a claim, we would rather hear from you and do the work to get you an answer than you just assuming that it would not.

Another great experience for everyone concerned and a great day to be an insurance advisor at Carricks!

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