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Have you ever thought about how your life would be affected should you require medical care?

How you wouldn't necessarily be able to return to work, or how you would live with pain should you not be able to receive treatment through the public system straight away?

Health insurance means you can return to work and normal life more quickly. You will receive private hospital care (single rooms, glass of wine with dinner, etc.), one-on-one specialist consultations, and private imaging and tests. Health insurance offers peace of mind that your health issues will be dealt with quickly, rather than having to go on a waiting list. This provides less stress and anxiety for all concerned.

There is a wide range of health insurance available, from very basic to very comprehensive plans. For example, health insurance can include surgery costs only, or go right through to GP cover, prescriptions, dental and optical work.

For businesses, providing health insurance for staff means less sick leave and protection against loss of productivity if a worker needs medical care.

Carricks can offer individual and family health insurance schemes. We also offer group health schemes to businesses.

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