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It's never too early to start planning for your retirement. We recommend that you should start saving for it from the first day of your working life. The longer you are saving, the better off you will be when you retire.

Many people have KiwiSaver, and this is a good start for your retirement planning. However, for a lot of people KiwiSaver alone will not provide their desired income in retirement.

Carricks can take you one step further by asking the important questions around what kind of lifestyle you would like to enjoy in retirement, and where you're at now. We'll help you to manage the process of realising that lifestyle goal.

Everyone has different circumstances with different goals. We can help you look at your assets, your eligibility for a government pension, your plans for debt repayment, and what you would like to leave your children. This will establish what is realistic for you and what you can aim for.

For a better plan for your retirement, talk to the Carricks team.

Carricks Retirement Planning

Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney

These are both very important to have in place.  We recommend the online ewill service provided by Perpetual Guardian Trust.

Perpetual Guardian Trust E-Will


Fortunately, I have known Paul Carrick since 1988 when I met him on the AMP stand at a Hamilton shopping centre. He has guided me on my financial journey every step of the way for the last 27 years and I can categorically state that without his guidance I would not have achieved as much with my money.

Early on, Paul sagely advised me that “during your lifetime you will earn over a million dollars – invest and spend it wisely” and this has been my guiding financial quote and I think about that often.

Over the years I have watched Paul become very educated and highly skilled and I feel I have always got the benefit of Paul’s knowledge as he has navigated me and my family through insurances, mortgages, income protection, investments, retirement planning and savings. The plans that we put in place in my younger days have come to fruition in the last couple of years and we are on course to a very comfortable retirement!

Paul’s communication is great. I always look forward to our annual update where we review all our plans and make changes or look at new information. He explains things really well so I understand and therefore decision making is easy. When KiwiSaver first came out, Paul explained the scheme and how to get the most out of it for us and our kids and already, our 24 year old has a balance that many would admire.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Paul and Sally for looking after my family’s financial future and look forward to many more years on this journey.


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