Carricks - Financial Partners for Life

Carricks is an intimate financial advisory business specialising in Insurance and Investment

Our mission is to offer trusted advice you can depend on, and deliver lasting solutions that work.

We work alongside people who value advice and are wanting enduring relationships for their financial and insurance needs.

We'll be there for you year after year.

We Want To Help You:

  • Achieve your life goals and help make seemingly complex things simpler.
  • Realise your individual needs, and
  • Feel confidence in your financial choices.

Our intentions for you as our client

Because we know that it's not always easy to ask for help and because we may not always clearly let you know our intentions for helping you, we thought you might appreciate us setting out our intentions to you as our client below:

  • Carricks will help you over the long term to become more financially aware, and give you certainty and security during the time that we work together.
  • We want you to honestly say that we have helped you achieve your lifestyle goals through our advice and coaching and that we have had a positive impact on your life.
  • We want to earn the right to look after you for as long as we are involved in helping you have a better life
  • We will let you know when you are doing things well.
  • We intend to be helping people a long time yet...

We request our clients to:

  • Be open to our recommendations and discussions
  • Be available for reviews
  • Approach Carricks first when you have a problem where you think we can assist
  • Let us know if we are not doing our job
  • Allow us to put anything right that may have gone wrong
  • Let other people know if we are doing a great job so that they have the opportunity of receiving our help

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