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Insurance protects you from financial setbacks. It's as simple, but as crucial, as that.

Insurance is about protection for everything that's important to you – yourself, your family, your assets and your business.

At Carricks, we believe that acting today helps you to reduce tomorrow's problems. Our worst nightmare is to find you are not covered for an event because we didn't tell you, so we make sure you know about every possibility.

On the other hand, we will not over-insure you either. It is our belief that doing the right thing by you helps us create better relationships with longer term clients.

Carricks is completely transparent when it comes to fees. In most cases there are no fees for our services, if there is a fee we will discuss these with you at the outset.

Carricks is also committed to the ongoing education and upskilling of our advisers and staff, so that we can deliver the best solutions and advice.

Carricks Insurance all under one umbrella

There’s a range of insurance products to suit everyone’s different needs.
We can look at your situation and suggest ways to:

  • Protect important assets, such as your house, contents, car, business, and farm equipment
  • Cover any costs if you’re ill or injured
  • Protect your business, its owners and key people
  • Protect your income if you can’t earn, either temporarily or permanently
  • Ensure your family receive timely health care
  • Make sure your family is looked after in the event of your death

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